The fabled Red Gem mines of Mt. Tikola are in chaos!
For centuries have gnomes been gathering riches in harmony, until one day they read in the news that the stocks have crashed and all currencies are tied to Red Gems. This makes the value of Red Gems soar! They are rich! But a gnome has never settled for "rich", now they have a chance to be the richest living being in the world! In a blink of an eye the gnomes pick up their bombs, rush to the Red Gem spawns, blowing up everyone in their way... is a realtime browser MMO with 3D graphics. Collect gems, blow up your enemies and be the richest gnome in the world!


Control: WASD / Arrows
Drop bomb: Press space
Throw bomb: Hold space down for a while, release to throw

Gems give you 5 points each, and they re-spawn after a while. Perhaps you want to run around collecting gems left unnoticed, or maybe you want to conquer the most valuable gem chamber with your friends, or you could just blow up everyone else. Blowing up an enemy gives you one fifth of his score.

Enter the GemBrawl!

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